Q: Will O-Meds create alerts for nurses to monitor and document specific vital signs that should be documented when a particular medication is administered (ex. Digoxin )?
A: Yes, O-Meds includes a powerful rules engine that allows each user to customize alerts to their specific needs. Alerts can be built based on almost any factor, include drug class, individual drug, height, weight, sex, age, etc.

Q: My hospital isn't ready to document administrations using barcodes. Can we implement O-Meds with just manual electronic documentation?
A: Yes, O-meds can be implemented in phases. Documenting medication administrations electronically is often the first phase of an implementation.

Q: Can O-Meds charge on administration?
A: Yes, O-Meds can record charges as they occur. This is often a more efficient way of tracking charges that allowing pharmacy to charge with a cart fill batch method. Additionally, charging on administration is an effective way to track tasks accomplished by specialists such as respiratory therapists or nursing assistants.

Q: Will O-Meds work on my current tablet?
A: Yes, O-Meds will work on any Android & IOS tablet)

Q: Does O-Meds require internet connectivity?
A: Yes, O-Meds will require an active internet connection to update/sync your info properly

Q: What would happen if I lose my tablet?
A: One of the O-Meds powerful features is that you can wipe your Meds data remotely and you can always access your data on your dashboard.

Q: Do I need to switch my current pharmacy?
A: No, you don’t need to switch your pharmacy. O-Meds will work with any Pharmacy

Q: What are the requirements to setup O-Meds?
A: You will need to use O-Meds on any Android tablet and IPads as well.

Q: Who will put the residents’ data in O-Meds?
A: We can bulk import your current data during the implementation phase.

Q:Can O-meds Integrate with other pharmacies?
A: Yes, our O-Meds infrastructure will let us integrate with different pharmacies and 3rd part service providers as well.